Expertise and resources

With a team of experienced professionals and a global network of partners, we strive to deliver reliable and cost-effective services that meet our clients' diverse needs.

"Excellent customer service! Whenever I needed something they were there for me. Thank you guys."

-Jon Díaz

Marine Consultants

Our years of expertise give us the knowledge to serve you in any shipping matter. Any questions, necessity, or doubts on transportation matters, we can clarify your needs.

Steamship Agents

We Serve all mayor ports of Puerto Rico from our strategic locations of our offices at the ports of San Juan and Ponce. The San Juan Office serves the port of San Juan, PR Naval Station, Yabucoa, Fajardo and Arecibo. The Ponce Office serves the port of Ponce, Las Mareas, Jobos Bay, Guayanilla, Guánica, and Mayagüez.

Logistics & Distribution

All services you need from a warehouse, we can serve you. Over 65,000 square feet of space, Bonded warehouse, Free Zone Certified, Logistics warehouse, and Distribution solutions.

Terminal Operators

As Terminal Operators we provide all necessary services for the ocean carriers and their clients.

Stevedoring Contractors

On stevedoring we perform Break Bulk, Bulk, Heavy Lift Cargoes, Containerized, and Hazardous Cargo Handling.

Chassis Rental

We have a chassis rental fleet for (40) ft and (20) ft containers.

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